Become a Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) Officer

Officers of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) are members of the Canadian Forces Reserve working as part of the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (COATS) whose primary duty is the supervision, administration and training of youth from 12–19 years of age who are members of the Royal Canadian Sea, Army and Air Cadets in more than 1,100 corps and squadrons across Canada.

During the summer months, full-time summer employment opportunities also exist for CIC officers who may wish to work at any of the 22 Cadet Training Centres (CTCs) located throughout Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about becoming a CIC officer.  Click on a question to see the answer.

Who can join as an officer in the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC)?

The Canadian Armed Forces is an equal opportunity employer.  Men and women of Canadian citizenship may apply.  In addition, applicants must also:

  • Be of good character and in good standing in the community.
  • Be recommended by the Commanding Officer (CO), the sponsor and the appropriate League representative associated with the cadet corps / squadron filling a vacancy.
  • Be 18 years old and able to complete at least one year of service before reaching CIC compulsory retirement age of 65.
  • Meet specific medical standards.
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent.  In exceptional circumstances, an applicant with less education but with unique qualifications and work history may apply.
How do I join?

Once you have the recommendation of the cadet corps / squadron CO, the sponsor and the League representative, you will be contacted by the local Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Recruiting Centre for an appointment.  In order to process your enrolment form, the Centre will require your birth certificate and Social Insurance card, a transcript of your school marks and any special certificates or licenses you may hold.  You will undergo a medical examination and a suitability interview.  Recruiting Centre personnel will also initiate an extensive reliability screening, which comprises of a Police Records Check (PRC) with Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS).  Be prepared in order to avoid delays and repeated trips to the Centre.  If you meet the qualifications, you will be approved for enrolment in the cadet corps / squadron you have chosen.

What training will I receive?

Your training begins once you are enrolled.  You will be required to attend and successfully complete courses designed to progressively train you as an Officer in the CIC.  In all courses, there is a strong emphasis on how to administer, train and supervise cadets. The first courses will teach you basic officer skills, military writing, drill, dress and behaviour, laws and regulations as they apply to CIC officers and military ethics and ethos.  You will also receive training on youth development and creating a positive learning environment for cadets.  Future courses will focus on more advanced training which will provide you with the required skills to assume senior positions at the cadet corps / squadron.  You may also take courses which allow you to conduct specialty training with cadets.  Training for CIC officers is conducted at one of five Regional Cadet Instructor Schools (RCIS) located geographically throughout the country.  Courses can be taken either consecutively or over several weekends, depending on your availability.  Some courses are also available through distributed learning, thereby allowing you to study from home.

What are the advantages of becoming a CIC Officer?

The training and experiences you will receive, as a CIC officer will prove beneficial in your personal life and will prove to be very interesting to a prospective employer. Your enhanced skills will include:

  • Personnel management,
  • Resource management,
  • Teaching / training skills,
  • Conflict resolution,
  • Skills necessary to perform under difficult situations; and
  • Sense of responsibility.

As well, the CIC will allow you to:

  • Participate in the training of our youth and future leaders of our country;
  • Be part of a dynamic and interesting organization;
  • Learn about and participate in recreational activities (camping, sailing and flying...);
  • Take part in citizenship activities;
  • Travel; and
  • Make new friends.
Will I wear a uniform?

Yes. A Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) uniform is provided to you at no cost.

Will I get paid?

Yes.  You are entitled to receive up to 25 days of pay per year for local cadet corps / squadron training.  If you are selected to attend additional courses or are employed at a Cadet Training Centre (CTC), you will also receive remuneration.

I am over 40 years old, have no previous military experience and would like to do something useful, in particular help youth. Is there a place for me?

Yes. Some of our most successful officers have joined us only after their family or work-related obligations were met.  Others have taken early retirement and are seeking an interesting and challenging opportunity.  The training you will receive is not physically demanding, but you must be in good mental and physical health.

If you are young at heart and up to the challenge, there may be a unique opportunity for you in the CIC.

Can I resign at any time?

Yes.  You may request a release at any time.

How much time must I commit to the CIC?

You are asked to commit approximately 6 hours per week and at least one weekend per month.  As you develop your new skills and are promoted, you may be required to dedicate more time to your cadet corps / squadron.

Will I be eligible for promotion?

Yes.  Promotions are based on a combination of ability, position availability, completion of required courses, length of service and commitment to the Canadian Cadet Movement (CCM).

What if I relocate?

There are over 1, 100 cadet corps / squadrons across the country to which you may transfer.  If a cadet corps / squadron in your new geographic location does not have an immediate vacancy, you may be required to place your name on a cadet corps / squadron waiting list.  You can also request to be held on the Cadet Instructor Supplementary Staff (CISS) list until a position becomes available at another cadet corps / squadron.

Does anything happen in the summer months when cadets are on holidays?

Yes.  A large number of cadets go to 22 CTCs across Canada.  For those interested, this creates employment opportunities for instructors for periods of six to eight weeks.

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